Updates: Bill White Back at MCC Chicago

Bill has finally been shipped back to Chicago and it’s now okay to send mail to him there. The bad news though is that if you recently sent him a letter there, it’s been either binned or returned as the jail didn’t hold his mail while he was gone. So if he doesn’t reply to you, it means he probably didn’t get the letter.

As to the legal issues:

Well, as you have most likely guessed by now, they still haven’t been sorted out and the case won’t be heard until next century (joke). Next year actually. Apparently the government gets a month to type up a rebuttal to the hearing, and then Bill’s lawyers get a chance to type up a refutation of the rebuttal.

And, sometime next century (joke) Bill White may get a retrial, released, or at least get a more sensible sentence.

We shall find out more in January 2016, as I really can’t imagine anything being sorted out legally before then (at the bare minimum). Nonetheless, it would nice if something happened before the next century.

ATTN: Read please

I have been absent for a while due to other pressing engagements – but I have some updates on Bill White to share with you.

Bill is currently at the Kenosha County Pre-Trial Detention Center, 1000 55th Street, Kenosha, WI.  The general inmate services number there is 262-605-5111.

Do not write to this address however!

Bill is only there until his hearing on Friday, when supposedly he will be shipped back to  the MCC. Of course, knowing the efficiency of the system he may in fact be redirected to an outpost on Mars.

Please wish Bill good luck with this hearing on Friday, and hopefully at the very least his sentence will be reduced down to something sensible and realistic instead of life imprisonment for alleged web trolling!

It may be wise to hold off posting anything until his next destination is confirmed (which hopefully will be soon)!



Serpents Blood Chapters Added

The first two draft versions of Chapter One and Two of Serpents Blood are currently online and available for download on the manuscripts and files page. They are hand written notes drafted in dank, squalid US prison cells, so don’t expect them to be of the same standard as a typed and fully edited material. I would imagine that the final version will be quite different to the rough drafts.

As to my prolonged absence from this site…I have my own websites to maintain, which requires a lot of work. This website is but one of many, and all of them require updating on a constant basis.

Bill’s Moved Again

Bill is finally in Chicago for a hearing that is supposed to create some sensible sentencing. However, I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t, because I have the distinct impression that someone out there in the world of bureaucracy loves to waste the taxpayers money transporting inmates all over the country twenty six times when they could have done it all once.

But that’s bureaucracy for you – one massive waste of money to prevent alleged internet trolling.

As for myself, I have been mostly offline for the last couple months so nothing exciting has occurred.

Anyway, here is the latest address.

William A. White # 13888-084