TBR – Who Were the Hittites?

TBR 2012

March/April 2012 Volume XVIII Number 2
Who Were the Hittites?
Bill White

A great Indo-European civilization ruled Anatolia (in Asia Minor) for centuries, and it spread all the way to northern Syria. But this great Aryan civilization was virtually forgotten for three millennia, until rediscovered in the 1800s…

During the great migration of the Indo-European peoples off of the Central Asian plains, a branch of the Indo-Iranian family shot out into Anatolia—modern Turkey—and founded an empire that would last a millennium, and which would profoundly reflect both the Nordo-Germanic culture of which it was a part, and influence the development of Classical Greek, and thus Western, civilization. Yet the culture of the Hittites was buried for millennia in the mountains of what today is central Turkey.

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