Bills White’s Acquittal Statement

USA caught bending  (if not breaking it’s own rules) again…. This whole trial is extremely dodgy legally. But what to do when the law itself breaks the law? Sit back and watch the country collapse from it’s own corruption I suppose. The argument from Bills lawyer:

The use of this statue to criminalize the use of information within the public domain to commit any crime lacks a rational basis, infringes on the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, chills the exercise of free speech by potentially criminalizing and making it a federal felony to use a name or address that is already within the public domain lest someone’s name be uttered in the context of committing a crime. This statute is constitutionally applied only in the context of the fraudulent use of identification documents, authentication features and information. It cannot be applied here in a constitutional way. Accordingly, a judgment of acquittal must be granted as to Count VI.

Read/Download the full acquittal statement here: Bill White Trial 


Message From Bill White

I’ve just heard from Bill. Despite the threat of 126 years for ridiculous charges (i.e. anonymous blog comments and emailing death metal lyrics) he’s unusually optimistic. Perhaps he’s not taking the situation seriously….and who would blame him? It’s the stupidest court case in American history. He needs to come back in ten years and sue for millions of dollars in compensatation for this bogus shite.

I mean – tortured and sentenced to 126 years for anonymous blog posts and hoax emails – even a dodgy third world country like the USA must know that’s  going to be one hell of a legal stinker to fight when whoever it is that placed a order for it to occur is out of their official seat of power.

Tortured and sentenced to 126 years for anonymous blog comments is likely to be a public relations horror at some point in the future for whoever decided to do this to Bill.

Anyway, Bill has something he wants people to know about this stupid legal farce: He had a computer expert verify at the trial that the emails in question were found to contain a virus placed there by a hacker. So he was definitely hacked. And so was I. And I have lots of evidence to prove it.

Write to Bill (he’s at this address until November):

John Polk Correctional Facility

Attn: William A. White 201400005514

211 Bush Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773


Donations can be sent to the following address:

Poisoned Pen Publishing
P.O. Box 2770,
VA 22555

Please write “Bill White Defense Fund” on the memo line. Only checks and money orders drawn on U.S. banks can be accepted.

Violent Anti-Zionist Revolutionary Cultist to Be Executed

Violent Anti-Zionist Revolutionary Cultist to Be Executed Department of Histrionics, Rome, 33 A.D.

jesus, killed by bankers

Jesus Christ Violently Attacking Banking Industry, Inciting Revolt Against Rome

Today, the rebel leader Jesus Christ, leader of the anti-Zionist Christianity cult which has threatened to topple the Roman Empire is to be executed by crucifixion.

Jesus Christ, a notorious trouble-maker in Jerusalem has been caught violently tipping the tables of Jewish money lenders in the temple shouting “MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN!”

Jesus Christ is also believed to have composed the New Testament in encrypted language consisting of complex numerology which the Roman Empire cannot decipher at this point in time. They have stored the text in case one day someone can decode the New Testament.

It was put before the people yesterday in a juridical process in line with Jewish Tradition and asked if they would rather free the murderer Barabas or Jesus Christ. The people  unanimously decided Jesus Christ was more dangerous and released Barabas. Pontius Pilate, a prominent official of Rome says;

“I’m glad to wash my hands of the affair. Jesus Christ is the most obnoxious revolutionary to ever trouble our empire. But there was no way he could topple it, except with that cult of his. I expect all the Christians to disappear once Jesus has been publically tortured and executed….after all it’s not like he’s going to come back from the dead is it?”

The Roman Empire, following the death of Jesus Christ, expects to live another few thousand years with Jesus Christ gone. The massacre in Gaul is set to continue.

Increasing Numbers of Obscure Revolutionaries, Men With Ginger Hair Now labelled as ‘Violent Radicals’

Department of Histrionics, 14/09/14

The Department of Histrionics was today shocked to discover a sharp decline in popularity polls. Increases in public hysteria had been expected due to new propaganda appearing in the country’s largest population of bath salt zombies. However figures emerged showing that an excess of propaganda was beginning to adversely affect the population instead of stupefy them.

“I can’t believe anything I read anymore” said one jaded citizen. “There’s nothing in the news except stories about arresting obscure revolutionaries I’ve never heard of. Who the hell are these people?” He elaborated further by speculating on the increasing amount of dangerous political revolutionaries no one had ever heard of by saying:

“Why does this country even have so many obscure revolutionaries? If they are so frigging dangerous how come they are all guys no one has ever heard of? I think you guys are just subjecting us to bulls**t to cover up other political problems like the economy.”

These remarks consisted with polls showing that recent attempts to indoctrinate and brainwash citizens had been unsuccessful. The Department claims to be coming up with new attempts to generate hysteria which are not as obvious as ‘obscure revolutionaries no one has heard of’ and correspondingly had all men with ginger hair declared as ‘violent radicals’. Copies of the ‘Koran for Dummies’ are to uploaded to citizens computers later this week so that any anonymous blog comments placed by the government look more incriminating. One expert however is worried that the departments lack of ability to invent new and credible bulls**t is damaging political control.

“Every time we get caught spinning bulls**t, more obscure revolutionaries spring up. It’s like the damned Middle East, every time we bomb the s**t out of them, another bigger, more offensive Islamic state springs up. Picking off the obscure revolutionaries no one has ever heard of is getting like playing whackamole. Every time we get rid of one guy, another guy appears that’s more irritating than the last one. For some reason the more people we arrest, the more revolutionaries appear. It’s weird – it’s almost if being arrested and tortured makes people angry. ”

The Department of Histrionics is holding an urgent meeting to discuss how to cultivate more authentic sounding public hysteria that does not create more obscure revolutionaries. Recent heavy handed whackings of political dissidents appears to be not terrifying society into silence enough.

It is as yet unclear if more civilians need to be arrested or if there is a need to generate further anonymous blog comments and upload them to people’s computers. New terms are being suggested by the Chief Officer of Hyperbole to replace ‘white supremacists’ as the new panic trigger such as ‘Violent Radicals’ ‘Crypto-Fascists’, and ‘Manson Admirers.’

New propaganda is hoped to have been generated by the end of next month. The government hopes to have citizens cease questioning our authority again by the end of 2015, when full frontal lobotomies are set to be performed on all civilians with IQs over 120.

Bill White ‘Facebook Trial’ Secret Information Revealed

Dear Readers!

Now that I have lulled you all into a false sense of security with wit and satire, it is time to reveal a few shocking facts about Bill White’s trial in Florida (AKA The Great Facebook Trial) that will make you truly angry.

Why now? Because Bill’s trial is over and the media will now be whipped into a blood frenzy by the ‘Ministry of Histrionics’ – after all, how can they resist the chance to kick a ‘white supremacist’ while he’s down?

Playing the media works both ways – what goes on television creates web traffic  here too. And this why I have said nothing of the case earlier; it had to be left until the last possible moment to do the maximum amount of damage by posting it when web traffic is at its peak.

There are a number of facts which I have not mentioned because I didn’t want to present any of this information before the trial was over in case it gave the US Attorney any hints.

Here’s what really happened, and what the mainstream media is too scared to say. After all, it has no interest in truth, just whipping up hysteria in the plebs over mythical ‘white supremacists’, whatever these non-existent scapegoats maybe:

  • Bill’s Facebook account was undeniably hacked. I was friends with whoever ‘Bill White’ was on Facebook and I personally saw posts appear on that account after he was arrested. One post even appeared on it months after he was arrested in Mexico. Since he was in a prison there is no way he could have made these.
  • Another friend of Bills also witnessed the Facebook account being used when Bill was in prison.
  • I spied on the page for a while because I wanted to find out who was running it, and was curious why the account was left open. Most inactive accounts are closed quite quickly. I believe it was left open deliberately for a third party to access it and to monitor Bill White’s Facebook friends. After the second obviously hacked post on it was made circa October 2012, I decided to contact Facebook and asked them to remove the account because it was fake. Facebook accepted my claim and took the page offline in less than 24 hours.
  • Before Bill’s arrest he suggested I enter a business venture with him. I refused to do so because his other ‘business partner’ appeared to be severely intellectually handicapped. Moreover the individual was morbidly obese and had posted pictures of itself nude and masturbating on the internet, all of which are on publically searchable sites like myspace and flickr. They show up in a google search of the individuals name. I felt utterly repulsed by this creature and refused to do business with Bill due to the ‘questionable character’ of his associate. I was very glad I refused – this creature is Bill’s informant from both trials. Quite possibly one of the ugliest and stupidest people I have ever laid my eyes upon – and after what I saw I sincerely wish I hadn’t laid my eyes on it. The Bloated SheBeast has a beer can permanently glued to its mouth when not taking nude selfies with her hand down her pants and trying to date tattooed bondage masters.
  • I also paid Bill for some work he’d done from me – one day later he emailed me saying it had stolen from his account by this sad individual. This person stole it out of his account almost as soon as I’d given it to him. Since the informant stole money from Bill which had been mine the following day, it can be verified that this skulking wretch of an informant is not only treacherous, but a thief and a disgusting low-life in every way. Paypal records exist of the transaction. 
  • This site has been hacked multiple times, Bill is the target of the hackers which raises great doubts as to anyone making posts or sending emails from dodgy hotmail accounts. As you see from the picture below, the IP changes – the hacker is either using TOR or another IP anonymizer which makes them untraceable.The previous blogger who kept talking about hackers was probably hacked too – but completely wrong about who did it. These attempted hacks occurred as soon as contact was lost with Bill in the John Polk Correctional Centre, on the exact same day he started making allegations of torture and abuse. 

bill white trial, florida Three nearly simultaneous attempts to hack the account which is used for nothing but Bill’s stuff. This email address is only used for Overthrow and is therefore a recorded attempt by someone using TOR or similar IP anonymising software to hack Bill White.

The fact that is recorded by google as three suspicious intrusions should have prevented this whole silly email hoax legal-farce from ever eventuating.

I have another twenty or so more screenshots and achieved files of hacking attempts, all made during the period June 23rd – 25th….made at exactly the same time Bill White was removed from all contact in the Sanford County jail. These images and files are stored offline in three different locations, in case I need them.

Just to be a real bastard, here’s the IP of one of them. Who’s ‘Buddy’? A hacker obviously since he doesn’t have an account here and is trying to crack the backend:

bill white trial, hacked

Note the date too – right when Bill disappeared from all contact in Florida and claims to be tortured by the jail. One hell of a ‘coincidence’ eh? 

Hacking, with evidence I believe, is a greater crime than that of juvenile hoax emails, yet it doesn’t seem to be being investigated by anyone at all, and the US government has no interest in this, despite the fact that its a real crime with evidence unlike the stupid 100 years for blog posts case.

  • There are also multiple accounts associated with a visitor to this site who posts abusive comments regularly on this website. These accounts have a single user name but different IPs which resolve to different places in California. Therefore, he is using TOR or similar software to harass Bill on this site at least, if not others. For reasons unknown to me,  there has never been any interest in examining the content of this blog at the backend. Why has no US Attorney ever subpoenaed it? Indeed it’s very suspicious that it has never been subpoenaed. My guess is the reason why it never was is because they know it contains the IP addresses of the hackers and they elected not to reveal the evidence. I know the name of this user but will not post it openly. He knows who is. I have this all tracked and recorded too.
  • Contrary to defending the American Front in June 2012, Bill was actually attacked over the internet by the remaining proponents of the American Front, who wrote a series of inflammatory comments about him under a variety of pseudonyms, not only physically threatening him in a public forum, but also stalking people who were friends with him (including me) on Facebook using fake accounts. Bill knew these people were harassing him,and contrary to liking the American Front, they were on very hostile terms with him. So I very much doubt he’d be demanding some of his enemies get released from prison. The same people who attacked Bill White from the American Front have recently targeted the Traditionalist Youth Network too and doing the same to them as they did to Bill White. I wonder if they will be next to be arrested and tortured for Facebook comments?

So regardless of what the jury decides, I’m dismissing this entire case as a massive load of codswallop.Considering I witnessed most of these events unfold firsthand on Facebook, there is nothing any court can do to change up mind. Every particle of this case is utter codswallop to its rotten stinking core.

Bill White was hacked and set up by someone, most likely one of the people with the IPs above who tried to hack me as soon as the Florida case commenced and Bill was ‘removed’ by the jail for what is called ‘soft torture’.

Hopefully the jury has some shred of common sense and is not depraved enough to convict someone for 100 years over emails containing death metal lyrics and sent by hackers. The whole Florida incident looks insanely ridiculous, like a trip through Alice in Wonderland. It’s the stupidest court case I’ve ever seen and much of the documentation reads like a sick version of a Monty Python skit. The fact the someone was actually tortured for blog posts and emails is quite frankly more repulsive than any written correspondence ever could be.

I’m not in America and if you do indeed have laws that permit people to prison sentences of 100 years over emails and anonymous blog posts, it’s time you had a god damn good look at the legal system, because it looks from here to be nothing more than a piteous abuse of legal power and not ‘justice’. Add in the torture, and it makes your fetid hole of a country look really rancid and corrupt.

Why should people receive longer prison sentences for emails than people do murder? It’s utterly stupid and disproportionate. No wonder America is slowly turning into a third world country if it  has no common sense and no real Justice.

If Bill White gets 126 years for blog posts, quite frankly your country is so utterly deranged you should relocate to a saner, less hysterical country.

Multiple people appear to have conspired in these cases to kick the living crap out of Bill, covered up the dirt they did and then tried to go on their merry way…except for one thing – someone got caught with their hands right in the proverbial cookie jar.

The other problem is also why none of the evidence on hackers was used in a trial about Facebook comments and hacking software. 

Bill was initially optimistic that he’d have an honest trial, but now faces 126 years in prison as he was found guilty by sleeping jurors of making anonymous blog comments and having a hacked Facebook page.

You can help him recover from being tortured in prison for making anonymous blog comments by buying some books and sending donations.

If I don’t here from Bill on Monday, I’ll assume the John Polk Correctional Centre has resumed its torture schedule. Please circulate this post as far and as wide as possible to expose the bilious nature of the constructed internet narrative revolving around the obviously hacked Facebook account which has been fabricated for reasons unknown by persons as yet unknown.

And the torture of course.We can’t ever let the USA forget that it had someone tortured for anonymous blog posts. 

Yours faithfully,

G. D’Annunzio II


‘Electronic Reign of Terror’: Anonymous Blog Comments Causing Solar Flares Says Nasa

‘Electronic Reign of Terror’: Anonymous Blog Comments Causing Solar Flares Says NASA Ministry of Histrionics, 13/9/14

bill white trial, florida, blog comments

Orbital Field of Anonymous Blog Comments

Scientists at NASA documented for the first time a massive amount of anonymous blog comments that had been encrypted and transformed into radio waves.

The gigantic nebula of anonymous blog comments first formed at Uranus, but has since gained in both mass and acceleration. NASA believes the trajectory is set for the anonymous blog comments to collide with the sun later this week, causing deadly class x solar flares which will create an ‘electronic reign of terror’ on earth.

Facebook is expected to go down. Millions of people will be forced to converse with each other and live in the real word. Citizens are terrified at the thought of living without Facebook and SMS messages. It is also feared teenagers will no longer be able to procreate without the ability to take ‘selfies’.

The economy is also set to take a hit as people will have to use real currency instead of imaginary bits of plastic and paper. Life on earth will changed, lives devastated as internet users are forced to interact with each other and the world is plunged back into the 1980s.

We interviewed one web troll, who claimed to have spammed thousands of websites with anonymous blog comments out of personal boredom and he said:

“Anonymous blog comments aren’t the problem. The problem is most websites are crap. If they weren’t crap people wouldn’t troll them and leave anonymous comments there in the first place. These websites really are s**t.”

Joe Schumckzi, owner of some of the world’s most visited sites, denies his websites are full of crap.

“We have articles on celebrities, sports, models, fashion and hundreds of recipes. I use small words and limit content to the reading level of twelve year olds, how can it be crap? I don’t understand. I’m truly sorry that my websites have generated so many anonymous blog comments that they now threaten to plunge us back into the 1980s, but I just don’t know what I can do to stop anonymous blog comments. I just can’t write interesting content.”

The Ministry of Histrionics warns that humanity should prepare to be plunged back into the 1980s early next week in case the solar flares hit. Users found to making anonymous web comments may have to be incarcerated to prevent further solar flares.

Evola Outbreak in Europe, Infecting Disneyland

Evola Outbreak in Europe, Infecting Disneyland

Department of Histrionics, 11/9/14

Evola is spreading like wildlife through Europe, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Almost everyone in Italy is infected with Evola and avoidance is recommended. Cases of Evola are now being reported in Disneyland. Symptoms include violent verbal haemorrhaging when faced with modernity, allergic reactions to consumerism, pain when listening to rap music, dislike of sporting attire and a chronic aversion to modern art – there is no known cure for Evola.

The Department of Histrionics has tried to contain the spread of Evola in Disneyland, but it is not working. One agent explains the risk of Evola.

“Everything we know about Histronics just doesn’t work on them. We tried calling them Fascists and White Supremacists but it didn’t work. They just keep coming, wave after wave. It’s like they are actually immune to being called White Supremacists. They just don’t care. One of them started debating with us in an aggressive fashion and used his vocabulary to confuse us. He convinced half of my squad that he wasn’t a White Supremacist, casually hurled a copy of Revolt Against the Modern World into our midst, and two guys started to read it! Some of our most valued members are getting infected with Evola.”

evola, bill white

Example of Confusing Debating from Individuals Infected with Evola

“We had another outbreak of Evola where one of them held his monocle up to the sun shouting something about the ‘Solar Nordic Aryan Tradition’ and it started shooting out laser beams everywhere, infecting more people with Evola. How are we going contain it? We’re just not trained to deal with divine wrath. Evola is infecting public libraries for God’s sake!”

The Department of Histrionics advises the following if you come into contact with someone infected with Evola:

  1. Try calling them Fascists and White Supremacists. Do not debate them. Debating has been known to result in infection.
  2. Do not share books containing Evola.
  3. Beware of divine wrath. Even Catholics with Evola can use divine wrath if provoked.
  4. Try to banish them with Dada and modern art. Rap music has also been known to drive away Evola.
  5. Try calling them White Supremacists again. Sooner or later it pisses most people off.
  6. Be careful, once infected there is no known cure for Evola.

9/11/14 – War on Internet Error Declared

Department of Histrionics, 9/11/14

The authorities of Disneyland now pass full power to the NSA to abduct citizens from their homes and torture them for Facebook posts, blog comments and ‘social pollution’ via the secret surveillance project ‘Truther’ which was developed by Disneyland university academics. Via Project Truther, Disneyland now declares War on Internet Error against all subversive social elements, citizens and individuals in Disneyland.

The Department of Histrionics declares that all hackers, anarchists, fascists, communists, critics, writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists, musicians and anyone expressing dissent on the internet must now be immediately silenced. Brutally. Especially if they are white supremacists.

The media is now controlled by the Department of Histrionics, and all Freedom of Thought is to be removed from Disneyland.

Here is the official statement issued by the Department of Histrionics:


The official spokesman of Anonymous known only as’V’ responded with the following message:


14 Zombies Apprehended in Florida, Cannibal Corpse Fan Demands Release

14 Zombies Apprehended in Florida, Cannibal Corpse Fan Demands Release

Department of Histrionics, 11/9/14

american front, bill white, florida

Zombies Roam Streets of Florida, Possibly Infected with White Supremacism

Fourteen zombies were found roaming the streets of Florida in 2012. Police were for a while unsure if they were real zombies or just high on bath salts. After a shooting one of them in the head six times, police concluded that the fourteen suspects were indeed zombies and probably not just brain dead.

One innocent bystander relates the terrifying incident:

“At first I thought, cool – the zombie apocalypse is here. Hollywood has been promising a zombie uprising would take place for years. Most of Disneyland is looking forward to ravenous zombie hordes decimating the population. Then I thought,  s**t what  if one of them bites me? I might turn into a white supremacist. Being  a zombie doesn’t worry me, but hell, I don’t want to become a white supremacist.”

Since the zombies were apprehended, tons of spam has allegedly been reported by legal officials who claim it comes from a well-known Zombie Rights Activist, Robin Graves.

Robin Graves, a long time Cannibal Corpse fan is alleged to have spammed people all over the world with Cannibal Corpse lyrics in an effort to draw people’s attention to the inhuman and cruel treatment of the undead.

Robin Graves was unavailable for comment whilst the prison beat the s**t out of him, but one anonymous hipster rushed forward to comment on his taste in music.

“You just can’t spam people with Cannibal Corpse lyrics anymore. Death metal is just so last year. Everyone’s moved on from the metal of the 1990s. These days real activists are into music than no one has ever heard of.  I was into funeral doom before it was cool.” He said whilst sipping his vegan latte.

Bill White Trial, Florida, American Front

Anonymous Hipster and Suspected White Supremacist

The Department of Histrionics is still trying to ascertain if zombies do have any rights, or if they can continue to torture Robin Graves. One prison employee says:

“Zombies are no fun to torture. They are largely insensitive, but beating the s**t out of Robin Graves turns me on.” He said whilst winding the rack in preparation.

Bill White trial, florida, jail, torture

Florida Prison Staff Member

The anonymous hipster is suspected of being a white supremacist. His trial is set to proceed in Germany 2015. No one has started beating the s**t out of him yet. Beatings are scheduled to commence eight weeks before trial. Torture is expected to run on time.

Gate to Hell Opens, Rains Spam on Orlando Florida

Gate to Hell Opens, Rains Spam on Orlando Florida

Department of Histrionics, 10/9/14 Bill White Trial, Florida Shoppers at a local mall were horrified today as a dark rift opened in the sky, opening the Gates to Hell and spewing forth spam all over Orlando Florida. Hundreds of people were forced to run for cover as a large amount of emails rained down upon from the sky. One terrified shopper said:

“I’ve never been so s**t scared in my whole life, there were emails everywhere. It was worse than dating spam. I had to run for cover but six of them chased me down the street. They were unstoppable.”

Another man reports that he read some of these emails, saying;

“It was horrifying, they were full of ancient history. They followed me 10 km up the road, I thought I’d never escape.”

After careful examination of Facebook, the Department of Histrionics has alleged that the spam was conjured by white supremacists using the unholy power of  the Necronomicon.

Reports of people being traumatised by email falling from the sky have been pouring in from all over the country. Citizens of Roanoke have also claimed that unholy forces conjured a tornado containing spam which disrupted traffic and  ripped their houses apart like matchsticks. Cthulhu has been sited off the coast of Hawaii and is alleged to be bringing further email.

“It’s the end of the world, we are going to drown in spam!” one surfer cried as he saw Cthulhu rise from depths clutching a seething mass of vitriolic emails.

The Department of Histrionics advises people to turn off the internet, mobile phones and all devices in case of receiving emails. Scientists are still studying the unholy power of the emails to understand exactly how and where they came from.

H.P. Lovecraft is believed to implicated.