Cannibal Corpse- The Comedy Act

One thing we can establish from this current trial, is that it’s a very bad idea to send anyone correspondence quoting Cannibal Corpse lyrics.

However, I’ve been reading through the content of these allegedly dastardly and ‘gut wrenching fear’ inducing emails and come to the conclusion that there is simply no way that I can take the tone of the content nor the actual material seriously. In fact I’m 100% certain that the culprit will be revealed to be nothing more than a bored drunk guy surfing the internet playing a prank.

But – as I said earlier- all of the evidence appears to revolve around cheesy song lyrics. Both Boyd Rice and Cannibal Corpse are notorious pranksters, so anyone who takes their material seriously would have to be a complete and utter fool. The misrepresentation of the musical content as evidence of ‘malcontent’ suggests to me that the whole case is extraordinarily poorly researched. I have grave doubts that anyone present even knows who Boyd Rice actually is. Even his wikipedia article clearly states that he is not fascist. This case needs an expert music witness to appear because it’s being prosecuted by people who quite obviously haven’t got even the foggiest concept of alternative music.

As I also said earlier, Jim Carrey is a huge Cannibal Corpse fan…and here’s another comedian whose rendition of Cannibal Corpse has the same tone as whoever sent the emails…i.e. a blatant hoax and a bad joke.





Bourgeois Social Media Users Eliminated

Parody or nascent truth? Bill’s trial suggests that it is not safe to say anything online that is not completely dull, banal, or bourgeois lest it be taken out of context. Bill White may have encountered ‘Project Truthy’.


bill white trial   “The National Socialist Science Foundation has contributed nearly a million People’s Dollars to Indiana Workers’ University for the development of a new program to eliminate bourgeois thought from Social Media. The program, called ‘Truthy,’ will scour Twitter and other social media platforms to “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” This will assist the Party in managing public communication and political formation. ‘Truthy’ will also help the Party understand more effective means of communicating its principles by analyzing popular but subversive concepts often found in so-called ‘free thought.’ By analyzing Proletarian responses to concepts disallowed by Party doctrine, experts can better tailor information to cater to the lower stages of political formation found in many Workers and Peasants of the USSA. Stand against Social Pollution! Purify our thoughts through State management of information in Social Media!”

**Important note: Sarcastic or sardonic statements may also result in prolonged periods of incarceration. Also – do NOT laugh at inappropriate items however funny it may be.