17 Years for Email/Blog Posts

Bill was sentenced in Orlando yesterday – with 17 years for  threatening emails and two anonymous blog posts. Well, not much of a surprise there. No one really expected this to turn out favourably. Not the 120 years originally announced, but still rather high for a incident that involved no physical crime of any kind.

On the same day in Orlando, another man received 16 years for manslaughter. Interesting that empty email threats  and anonymous blog comments are getting the same sentence as actually killing people. According to Bill they also want to shut off his contact with the outside world completely and actually asked for a life sentence.

Just goes to show that one should be very careful about what they put online these days.

Florida Sentencing 21st November

Bill’s sentencing is supposed to be taking place on the 21st of November. The information on this seems to be erratic and contradictory on all fronts at the moment however.  I’m hesitant to gamble on this based on what I have observed as it could go either way. These trials seem to proceed like the barter system. One side makes a ridiculously high demand and the other a low one. After a few months of negotiations things then resolve somewhere in the upper or lower spectrum of the meridian. Or more simply: the law of averages prevails.

Bill remains optimistic, but my guess is that another 7-10 years will be added on.

After this Bill is hoping to be shipped off to Chicago to sort out some prior cases. Again, we shall see.

Hopefully everything is resolved one way or another though as Bill is sick of being in both legal limbo and Florida.