Zionists Blame Obama For Chemical Attack

The Zionist Entity in Palestine has released a report by Yosef Bedanski, a defense analyst, blaming Barack Obama for coordinating the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria, which was actually conducted by the Saudis in league with the Zionists themselves. Bedanski’s report is disinformation designed to conceal the actual role that American neo-conservatives and their Zionist allies played in the gassing, and to undermine Obama, when the Zionists are driving into war.

Last September, al-Qaeda rebels captured chemical weapons from a Syrian military base. These rebels are financed and organized by Saudi Arabia — primarily the Saudi Prince Bandar, Minister of Intelligence — and the Zionist Mossad.

On August 13th and 14th of this year, Bedanski writes, Turkish and Qatari officials met with the Syrian Free Army, a different group of rebel leaders, in Hatai Province, in Turkey, and discussed a game-changing event that would occur in one weekend and cause US intervention in Syria. This information was given to the Obama administration.

The Turkish-Qatari factions of the Syrian rebels are opposed to the Saudi-Zionist backed Al-Qaeda faction, and generally aligned with the Obama administration. The Saudi-Zionist faction is allied with the American neo-conservative and Judaeo-Christian Zionist Movements.

The Saudi-Zionist faction has been disappointed by five years in the Middle East during which the Obama administration has failed to start a single Middle Eastern war. Deciding that Obama had “withdrawn from the region,” the two nations decided to launch their own regional foreign policy.

In July, Prince Bandar met with Egyptian General Al-Sisi, who is partially Jewish, and paid him $2 billion dollars to overthrow MOhammed Morsi. In the resulting coup, which killed over 1000 people, Obama ally El-Baradei, a George Soros protege, was sidelined.

After the success of the Morsi coup, a major Saudi-Zionist political objective, was achieved. The unholy alliance then moved to the Syrian Civil War, and decided to unleash chemical weapons to prompt an American attack.

Obama knew the attack was a fraud designed to push him into war, so he pulled a political maneuver. Obama gave lip-service to the war cause and punted the decision to Congress, which knows that 85% to 91% of Americans oppose attacks. Seeing this, the Zionists have decided to make political capital by framing Obama for their crimes.

On September 2nd and 3rd, after Obama properly decided to consult Congress before launching a war, the Zionists began their leaks. The London Examiner was introduced to Al Qaeda rebels, who claim they set off the attack by “mishandling” chemical weapons. The Bedanski report was leaked to Rush Limbaugh. And the truth, which is that chemical artillery shells were detonated IED-style by Al-Qaeda rebels who thought they were setting IEDs and who died in the process was concealed.

Now, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are taking the Zionist lead — trying to railroad the US into a war they and their allies have started.