Wikipedia Publishes Lies

by Bill White

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Internet users have long known that Wikipedia’s coverage of political and controversial issues was manipulated junk, but now in a small way, Wikipedia has admitted the fact.

The “nonprofit” Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. which is owned by Google Inc. announced on Monday, October 21 that it was investigating the manipulation of Wikipedia articles by public relations and marketing firms who employed hundreds of false accounts, known as sock puppets, to manipulate content on the site. “It looks like this is manipulation on a scale we haven’t seen before in the encyclopedia,” Sue Gardner, executive direction of the Wikimedia Foundation, told press rather facetiously. “There has never been an investigation on this scope, scale, duration, and seriousness.”

Of course, Gardner’s claims are a fraud, as all of Wikipedia’s content is the product of collaborative manipulation by various entities. Google bought Wikipedia for the purpose of making Wikipedia’s articles express Google’s views in the top level result for Google searches.

The U.S government has admitted paying informants to manipulate Wikipedia content. Other governments and organizations, such as the Zionist entity in Palestine and American Jewish groups, have been reported to do so. All of this is done with the Wikimedia Foundation’s permission.

In this case, Wikipedia has suspended 250 editor accounts and is considering suspending hundreds more, claiming they are linked to a group of hired writers who collaborate without ever using the talk pages to communicate with each other. The writers are linked to a public relations firm called Wiki-PR. Wiki-PR has openly admitted to hiring Wikipedia editors. “We do paid editing,” Wiki-PR’s CEO told the Wall Street Journal.

Wikipedia has been a pretentious and obnoxious pollutant of the internet for more than a decade. It claims to provide unbiased and “encyclopedic” content, but it applies that to modern persons and political issues by only providing views echoed in the “mainstream” Zionist media, a policy it enforces by often requiring citations to Zionist media organizations. As it does this, Wikipedia excludes alternate or controversial opinions, and bars citations to alternative writers and the alternate press.

Manipulation by the U.S. government has been particularly problematic, as American prosecutors have often paid informants to edit Wikipedia pages to bias juries in controversial and high-profile cases.

Ultimately, Wikipedia’s objection appears to be not to the manipulation of content, but to the manipulation of content in a manner of which its bosses to not approve.