New Article: Thurgood Marshall

New article by Bill White abstract (taken from PDF):

THURGOOD MARSHALL is hailed as a role model for the Black community. But is he really as great as the establishment would have you think? Is he just another phony Black hero foisted on the colored community like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Are Blacks being done a disservice by White liberals when they continue to offer up this kind of Black icon when so many other Blacks are worthy of praise—but whose histories are ignored or suppressed? In 2000, Juan Williams, a Black Panamanian-born American journalist and political analyst for Fox News Channel and a writer for half a dozen leading mainstream newspapers,wrote a book called Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary. Although the book was meant as a tribute to the first Black American to serve on the Supreme Court, a careful reading of the book challenges Marshall’s “exemplary” legacy.

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Florida Trial Transcript

Selected highlights from the trial in Orlando, Florida.

There are about 1,000 pages of this stuff so it’s been narrowed down to the more juicy parts. The most intriguing statements are highlighted for the sake of convenience. Left unedited, there would simply be hours worth of reading Facebook posts. Given that Facebook is just a receptacle for the collective insanity of humanity, I still maintain that it’s not acceptable evidence for anything, and that people write rubbish on there all the time which is in no way connected to reality.

Facebook is narcissism and cognitive dissonance at it’s most refined point, and therefore in no way part of the externalised world; rather a more profound tool by which to assess how people ***perceive themselves**.  And the rift between the internal and the external perception is usually vast. But I do not expect anyone to grasp what I am saying here, because it is too complex for the average Joe Bloggs to understand. Suffice to say the explanation is simple:

It is not that Bill White’s page is special or that his FB content is not true; it is that no Facebook profiles are accurate and barring photographs (of which there are none in this case) it is not direct evidence for anything, in every circumstance….all it does is allow people to pretend to be something they are not, without any degree of self-awareness.

As a tool for psychological assessment it is valuable, but as evidence of crimes where there is absence of physical evidence, it is meaningless.

But enough of my digression into humanities misuse of the internet; here is the file.

Bill White Florida Trial