Update on the John Polk Correctional Center Situation

I just received another letter from Bill dated as the 26th – things do not sound like they have improved much and his communication remains ‘limited’. He’s still feeling ill, but no longer critically ill at least.
Anyway, things still sound very ‘rough’ in the letter.
Bill still hopes to be moved soon, and wants to make it clear to people just how bad the situation is at the John Polk Correctional Center. Bill has been in a lot of prisons/jails before so it’s fairly safe to assume that if this one is worse than the all others and is up to illegal activities, it probably is. He’s been in a lot of jails/prisons by now and has never made any statements like this before.
The only good news here is that it will provide a strategic advantage – if any allegations of torture start appearing in the court room it’s going to make the government look very bad to the media. Add to that Judge Turk’s closing statement from the last trial and I doubt any jury will be swallowing it.
But regardless of this, let’s just hope that someone moves him soon.

Bill White, Human Rights Violation



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