Torture and Threats at the John Polk Correctional Centre

Well – finally we have heard something from Bill – looks like Harold Covington received his mail first (I am further away so I have to wait longer). As I expected, something truly foul had occurred. Four weeks before a trial too.

The US Attorney is now utterly screwed thanks to the John Polk Correctional Centre. This is the worst pre-trial publicity anyone could get…defendant tortured, dying and threatened with rape by government employees the previous month.

Anyway – there appears to have been some activity on Bill’s account so unless John Polk Correctional Centre has also taken to theft as well as torture/rape I guess this means Bill is slightly better. Or, at least given that its been a truly awful few weeks,  as better as he’s likely to get for a while : (

I do still feel compelled to chronicle the horrors of the John Polk Correctional Centre, the worst jail in the history of all American Jails however, just in case he goes ‘missing’ again.

Letter reprinted from Thoughtcrime:

Hello, Harold: Terrible things are happening, and I only hope this letter is able to reach you. I almost died yesterday, and I’ve gotten one concession–I have been moved to a larger cell with dimmer lights. As you know, the jail tortured me with terrible bright lights for 34 days, from May 20 to June 23.

On June 17, shortly after I made the mistake of mentioning I’d sued the jail, they began provoking confrontations. That night, after being awakened again in the middle of the night, I stopped eating and drinking until six days later when they took me to medical and let me sleep in a dark room. I lost 18 pounds.

Today, after eating and drinking water, my blood pressure stabilized. I am still weak, my innards are a mess, and I may have kidney or liver damage. I am not permitted to recuperate in medical, and I am now back in the isolator.

The day after the jail began its provocations, a Sergeant [name redacted] decided to physically and sexually threaten me. He threw me against the wall in handcuffs and threatened me with a drawn taser after describing to me his sexual fantasies about stripping me naked and watching me on camera. Then he ordered me to stop complaining.

While I lay dying–and if I was not moved, it was entirely my intention to follow through to death–the jail also cut off all my communication with the outside world. They may still be cut off. If this letter reaches you, they are not. I have no phone access and only today was allowed to buy stamps.

I was told by the jail that I could only send legal mail and that before I could send it they would read it to determine whether it was about my case or a “personal” letter to my attorney, i.e. whether I was discussing the mistreatment to which I have been subjected.

Also, throughout this entire time the jail was lying about me. A roly-poly buffoon, one Captain [name redacted] sent out an e-mail comparing my lawsuit about the torture to an inmate complaining that someone else’s piece of cake was bigger. [It is not clear to whom this e-mail was sent. – HAC] Knowing that I was dying, this chucklehead just laughed and slouched it off–“that’s inmates for you.”

What is happening in this place, Harold, can only be described as pure evil. Yet the fault for this evil equally lies with those who tolerate it. I would like to say more, but I can’t. I am waiting for more news. The lights have been turned down–a small thing. Things are happening, and I will let you know of them if and when I can. I don’t know, really, if I am okay or not, or what they are planning.

Sincerely, Bill

And here’s that letter again: Bill White, Human Rights Violation


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