The Florida Trial Begins 8th September

The great trial over anonymous hoax threats is set to commence tomorrow. Bill is optimistic; however he’s been optimistic about all the previous trials too and none of them were resolved in his favour. He’s been ‘incommunicado’ since the hunger strike incident for strategic reasons (i.e. surveillance at the John Polk Correctional Centre who he is attempting to sue) and now is the time we discover what this strategy is.

Here’s a low-down of what’s been going down on:

  • The US Attorney submitted a whole pile of probative evidence (which means thinly connected events which may or may not be associated or even relevant). Some of these were permitted by the Judge, and some were not.
  • Jury negotiations. It’s an anonymous jury again, because some jerk out there might post an address on the internet. This is pointless rubbish because no one has ever done this, except apparently Bill who is in prison with no internet access. Pure idiocy at it’s finest with this needless request. It’s quite obviously an excuse to fiddle with the Jurors so the US procures a favourable outcome.
  • There are a number of proposed questions for the potential jurors, most of which revolve around political bias against both parties.
  • There are 18 witnesses, most of whom are unknown. Obviously the alleged recipients of the emails will be appearing, along with an old classic.  Other than that, the  rest are a complete surprise.
  • Bill has one witness so far. My guess is that some extra ones will need to be pulled in.
  • As extra compensation for their trouble, the US government demands Bill’s MP3 player and other valueless sundries be forfeited if he is found guilty. Since these are pretty much all worthless items, the US economy must be really bad at the moment.

Wish Bill good luck, because he’s going to need it, lest he is confined to life in prison for anonymous blog posts. Let’s hope this strategy he claims to have is more effective than the last one.



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