Florida Sentencing 21st November

Bill’s sentencing is supposed to be taking place on the 21st of November. The information on this seems to be erratic and contradictory on all fronts at the moment however.  I’m hesitant to gamble on this based on what I have observed as it could go either way. These trials seem to proceed like the barter system. One side makes a ridiculously high demand and the other a low one. After a few months of negotiations things then resolve somewhere in the upper or lower spectrum of the meridian. Or more simply: the law of averages prevails.

Bill remains optimistic, but my guess is that another 7-10 years will be added on.

After this Bill is hoping to be shipped off to Chicago to sort out some prior cases. Again, we shall see.

Hopefully everything is resolved one way or another though as Bill is sick of being in both legal limbo and Florida.

New Book: National Socialism Yesterday & Today (Bill White)

National Socialism Yesterday & TodayNational Socialism
Yesterday & Today
Bill White
National Socialism Yesterday and Today is a radical book, but it is one that someone has needed to write for decades. In this small but powerful book, author and philosopher William A. White discusses national socialism as political philosophy that in its purest essence brings order to the state while empowering and enriching—culturally and financially—the state and its people at the same time.
This is the direct antithesis of the American state today which punishes its people with police state brutality, steals their money through unfair forms of taxation, listens in on every possible private communication, tortures those who rise up against it and generally turns the natural order upside down.
But national socialism is not an invention of the modern era. There were great leaders of the past who employed their version of national socialist theory while they reigned. These men were few and far between, but their terms in power were almost unanimously hailed as “golden times” for the citizenry. The names of these avatars who transformed their states into ones serving all stations of society live on even today, though their reputations have been slandered or their names nearly erased from history by their contemporaries.
But what would happen if a national socialist state developed in America today? How would it be instituted? What changes would it bring to the nation? What would happen to society? What would the goals of the new state be? How would the party be organized? What ideals should its Leader exemplify? What is to be done with the corrupt judiciary? What kind of budget will a new National Socialist Party and its affiliates need? How would local chapters be organized? How will initiates be chosen?
All this and much more is discussed in National Socialism Yesterday & Today by William A. White. Softcover, 109 pages, $12 plus $3.50 S&H inside the United States. Outside the United States add $24 S&H for 1-3 books. Send check or money order drawn on U.S. banks only to Poisoned Pen Publishing, P.O. Box 2770, Stafford, VA 22555. All proceeds go toward the author’s legal fees as he is currently fighting the federal government for his freedom. You can order online by going to amazon.com and searching for Poisoned Pen Publishing or go to:

Judge Confirms Bill White Politically Persecuted

The PDF file below contains Judge Turks concluding remarks in regards to sentencing in the Roanoke case, saying that if it had been anyone other than Bill White, it would have been classified as a domestic/civil case and not the more serious federal charge of extortion.

The relevant part is highlighted.

Read Judge Turks remarks here: Sentencing Transcript

White Nationalism’s Exploding Civil War Part II


Firstly, this is not  as the SPLC states, an argument between ‘neo-nazi’s’. It is an argument between rivals with different ideologies. It is a grievous error to assume that everyone on the ‘Right’ agrees mindlessly. What is at work here is a separation between the intellectual New Right and the non-intellectual “Neo-Nazi” style internet based thugs who seem to believe that using slang like ‘Jewger’ renders them credible to normal, sane people.

The second issue is that this is an argument about ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ – i.e.  is a readership of ten thousand people with low social status (i.e. internet thugs) of importance, or is a quality readership of a few hundred powerful people (i.e. members of parliament and government) more useful? I think you already know the answer.

One must have the popularity of the working class behind them – but one also must have the planners, the writers, the creators and the artists to build a system. It is their duty to build a society for the workers, and it is the duty for the workers to support them. The thinkers have always held a position of prominence in any society, just as the artists also exert influence.

Alternative Right, the Traditionalist Youth Network, Radix, Counter Currents, Dark Enlightenment, etc are the intellectuals – the system builders if you will – and without the thinkers, everything is doomed. Running around skulking on internet forums and cringing in fear every time a Jew appears is not the hallmark of vigour or health – if the Third Reich failed to endure the first time, why would it succeed when it is nothing but an internet forum full of poor taste jokes about the Jews? It won’t  and the classic 1980’s type skinhead sites are just a waste of everyone’s time. Internet thuggery based on an erroneous interpretation of ‘Nazism’ is the single biggest political waste of time there is. A carrot has more chance of winning an election.

Without the thinkers, these people are destined to failure – the Linder’s & the Anglin’s will all fade into fabulous obscurity, having achieved nothing but the creation of a website full of poor taste jokes about Jews. I for one am glad Bill was banished from VNN because it’s a terrible bore to have to read through the content there. Moreover, the intellectuals don’t need these people either – in fact they are better off without them, because they are a serious impediment to credibility with wider demographics.

Thirdly – there are those of us who struggle for dominance, and those of us who acquire it naturally. If one has to fight for power, then they will never achieve it. And so adieu to the people and sites who believe they can succeed on their own without any thinkers, creators and artists. I wish you well and drink a toast to your success in discovering which member of your online forum is a secret Jew, and to your inability to understand that if you want to live in a place with caucasian inhabitants, all you have to do is pack up and move…to the North West Front for example, or to other rural areas.

My final assessment is that it is of our benefit not to weakly acquiesce to the presence of the internet thugs and that by distancing ourselves from such websites strengthens our position rather than weakening it. The Right must cleaned and made respectable again, and not left to be controlled by individuals who seek to actively make themselves detestable to the mainstream. Richard Spencer may have had a failure in Hungary, but at least he tried.

(NB: My ideas do not necessarily reflect nor agree with those of Bill White.)