Where is Bill White?

We don’t know. The BOP inmate locator says he is in Canaan Penitentiary – but no one has heard anything since he was sent there. It’s not like Bill to be quiet and non-communicative, so I’m beginning to suspect something may be amiss as it’s been a while since anyone had any contact with Bill.

It’s possible that he may have issues getting a pen and pencil or still be in transit somewhere….but…after this amount of time it seems unlikely. So I am now under the opinion that something bad may have occurred (or be currently occurring) at Canaan.

Hold the Mail: Bill is in Transit Again…

Bill has been moved again and seems to be getting shunted around at record speed (usually it takes them weeks to send him a few km!). He is no longer at Oklahoma and is now at Canaan, most likely enroute back to Lorreto.

However there is still a chance he maybe sent somewhere else. Until we have a fixed location on him (he needs to be microchipped in case he gets lost in the US penal system) he probably won’t recieve any letters sent at the moment.

If you want to try and send him a letter anyway, the address is:

William A. White 13888-084
P.O. BOX 300

Bill Now in Oklahoma

Bill has been moved from  Florida to Oklahoma in transit to….somewhere else. As to where that will be no one knows right now. The only thing that appears to be certain is that he’s not headed to Chicago, where he wanted to go. Apparently something was amiss with the paperwork.

Bill’s new address is below, but send letters only as he will only be here for a short time and may not receive books etc.

Postal address

William A. White 13888-084
FTC Oklahoma City
P.O. BOX 898801

17 Years for Email/Blog Posts

Bill was sentenced in Orlando yesterday – with 17 years for  threatening emails and two anonymous blog posts. Well, not much of a surprise there. No one really expected this to turn out favourably. Not the 120 years originally announced, but still rather high for a incident that involved no physical crime of any kind.

On the same day in Orlando, another man received 16 years for manslaughter. Interesting that empty email threats  and anonymous blog comments are getting the same sentence as actually killing people. According to Bill they also want to shut off his contact with the outside world completely and actually asked for a life sentence.

Just goes to show that one should be very careful about what they put online these days.