Happy Valentine’s Day

charles mason is an idiotGiven that someone decided it would be ‘funny’ to pretend to be Charles Manson in a series of juvenile emails containing death metal lyrics somewhere along the line in Bill Whites case, I’d thought I’d dedicate a Valentine’s Day post to taking the piss out of failed serial killer Charles Manson. Should there actually be any Charles Manson fans out there reading this, I’d just like to assure you that the sum of my caring for your hurt feelings is non-existent.

But wait – failed? Yes failed, he achieved absolutely nothing – he was crap as a cult guru, crap at starting race wars, and crap at being a serial killer too (using ‘followers’ = too cowardly to do his own dirty work). In his entire life Charles Manson achieved nothing but crap, and being crap at everything is the only thing he was actually good at.

But lately Charles Manson seems to have had a terrible turn in his love life. For a while all was good – he had a girlfriend buying him prison toiletries and was looking forward to be being happily, and creepily, married.

But in a shocking turn, it was revealed that this much younger woman, Star, just wanted him for his body. Quite literally, his body.

Charles Manson has garnered a number of headlines over the past few years over news that he was set to wed a woman 54 years younger than him. Now, there’s news that the nuptials were called off by the cult leader because he heard that his fiancee was planning to get rights to his body she she could put it on display after he died.

And so unfolds the terrible tragi-comedy of Charles Mansons’ marriage. Perhaps he should have realised that he’s unlikely to attract anyone sane…for obvious reasons.

Should anyone disagree with my perspective, please express your opinion clearly by quoting death metal lyrics in an offensive email that will cut my non-existent feelings to the core.

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