Florida Trial Date

It seems we finally have a trial date of the 8/9/14 – this time we are looking at five days of who said what on the internet. Hopefully free coffee is supplied to ensure no one falls asleep.

Unfortunately it seems that the maximum sentence which appears to be being advocated is 120 years for anonymous blog posts and hoax emails.  Hopefully Bill doesn’t get found guilty and sentenced to 120 years for the alleged sending of stupid hoax emails and bad taste in music.

The other notable point is that apparently the US government still thinks Bill has followers who do whatever crazy crap appears on the internet. I’m sure they know that Bill’s site has a pitiful hit rate and that the Facebook page had 54 friends, his books have exceptionally low sales rates and no one visits this website except the US government, hackers, trolls, and lawyers. These people need to get realistic – Bill quite simply has no followers at all. And that includes me – I disagree strongly with him on certain topics. I update this out of charity and that’s all.

And – predictably – the Facebook page is back, so everyone who was ‘lucky’ enough to be ‘friends’ with whoever was using that page gets a minor role in the court documents. I knew it’d be reappearing.

Anyway, there is a 40 page summary of stupid emails from what sounds like a drunk guy quoting bad song lyrics. Regardless of who or what sent them, 120 years for typing stupid stuff on the internet is a bit harsh I think.


A noble race is not one that creates a God in its own image but one that creates also the song wherewith to do Him homage. Every rebirth of a noble race is a lyric force, every sentiment that is common to the whole race, a potential lyric; music, the language of ritual, has power, above all else, to exalt the achievement and the life of man. Does it not seem that great music has power to bring spiritual peace to the strained and anxious multitude? The reign of the human spirit is not yet. ‘When matter acting on matter shall be able to replace man’s physical strength, then will the spirit of man begin to see the dawn of liberty’: so said a man of Dalmatia of our own Adriatic, the blind seer of Sebenico.

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