White Supremacists May be Nerds Claims Researcher

White Supremacists May Just be Nerds Claims Researcher

Department of Histrionics 10/9/14

The Department of Histrionics has  just released a study of Facebook posts which suggests that a large proportion of white supremacists may just be nerds. Statistics shows that a large number of white supremacist organisations do not apparently exist and have in fact been nothing but blogs and websites since 1994. One anonymous informant said:

I was paid to study (name removed) but it was so dull. He never did anything but use the internet. I had to make up crazy stories just to earn my pay check. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the three gallons of alcohol I drink every day. Things were getting tight – I almost had to get a job. All he did was sit their posing cat pictures on Facebook for months. Fortunately I managed to trick him into liking some skinhead pages by sending him invites deliberately. It’s getting hard to find non-nerds to inform on. Sometimes we have to lie.

Informants have been struggling to make ends meet because of white supremacists turning out to be just internet nerds.

Researchers have revealed that this is the popular song liked by white supremacists on Facebook. We have added it to our database of dangerous white supremacist music:

Violent Literary Incursion, Novorossiya Responsible

Violent Literary Incursion in Disneyland,  Novorossiya Responsible

Department of Histrionics, 9/9/14

Leading members of the Department of Histrionics were shocked to discover that they had been the victims of a violent literary incursion today.

Five prominent members were horrified to discover that they had received copies of Alexander Dugin’s ‘Fourth Political Theory’ in the mail.

“I can’t understand it,” one shocked member said, “it’s full of philosophy and talks about ontological states of being…I find his writing disturbing and confusing.”

The man also received a serious paper cut from opening it due to the cheap wrapping paper, requiring a band aid be used.

The package also contained the chilling message “Read it PIG. Love, Novorossiya .”

The author of the message claims to be Rasputin,  threatens to annexe the Ukraine and found the Hungarian Empire.

bill white trial,florida Forensic experts have determined from Facebook posts that the author was Vladmir Putin, in retaliation for sanctions against Russia.

The Department of Histrionics believes Novorossiya to be one big, nasty ‘hate group’ full of ‘white supremacists’.

An estimated two billion internet users within Disneyland are believed to part of Novorossiya.

The Department of Histrionics has taken serious action and banned all sales of Lady Gaga’s music to Russia.

All books mentioning ontology are also to be banned  because Alexander Dugin is a Grammar Nazi.

Breaking News, Histrionics in Disneyland. Caring Citizen Fired.

Breaking News, Disneyland

For Immediate Release, from the Department of Histrionics

The Department of Histrionics released an alarming survey today showing that 95% of political dissidents had access to the internet.

After a study of the popular website Facebook, the Department of Histrionics was able to determine that National Socialists were indeed sending messages to each other. Some were even caught sharing photos of their cats, which was another alarming prospect, as the number of National Socialists with pet cats was disturbing high – one even shared a picture of ‘Kitler’ with its paw raised in Fascist salute.

bill white trial, florida, nazi

Evidence of White Supremacism in Disney Land

In an effort to control the growing number of political dissidents within Disneyland two propositions have raised by scientists who study social media: One, that Mark Zuckerberg continues to ban all users with pictures resembling swastikas. The second idea was radical and immediately dismissed. One caring citizen suggested that, in a bid to eliminate political dissent, that instead of punishing citizens who complain, that politicians actually do some work. He suggested that;

Social welfare be increased, immigration be curbed to prevent unemployment, the banking system be regulated, student loans capped, mortgages lowered, the stock market be dissolved, pointless wars be ceased, health care be free, compulsory insurance be removed, and the environment saved. He believed every citizen in Disneyland, regardless of ethnicity deserved a home, a job and the basic right to be free.

This committee member was immediately called a ‘white supremacist’ and told the following;

“Politicians are not required to work and keep the people happy. It is not our job to keep the people happy. That only occurs in democracies. There is no point in bringing rationalism to politics when we have the science of Histrionics to control the stupid people. Our citizens only have an IQ of 90 and are easily controlled by Histrionics, television, and football. The solution is to remove ‘social pollution’. Dissidents must be monitored online. It will cost us more than implementing solutions to keep the population happy, but it is easier for us to imprison you than fix society.”

As a result of this policy, Mark Zuckerberg deleted the accounts of all users with an interest in European mythology, because the Department of Histrionics decreed that anything related to the history Europe was racist because it was discovered to be about Europe. 

The head of the Department of Histrionics was also forced to step down from his position, when it was discovered he had a European Grandfather.

Further studies of political dissidents on the internet revealed that 99% of them were doing nothing.

These internet users were however found to be using the word ‘cat’ which had been used by a serial killer in the Finland during 1886. They were immediately arrested and sentenced to 100 hundred years in prison.

Mark Zuckerberg was said to be relieved as deleting millions of political dissidents in Disneyland would be a time consuming process for Facebook. He has since banned the word ‘cat’ to apologise for letting people use the internet.

Epic Journalism Fail at WFTV

Now there’s a number of weird things going on here in this news article. But first – look closely at the picture of ‘Bill White’? Who the hell is this guy?

Bill White, Florida

Man erroneously identified as Bill White

The media has finally proven beyond all doubt that they really don’t know what they are reporting on, the news has published this in Florida. They have identified the wrong person as Bill White on national television. The man highlighted by WFTV in the video & the photo is NOT Bill White.

Bill White is the man in front that they fuzzed out.

Since the man was named erroneously as ‘Bill White’ on national television, if he watches this I’d be guessing he has a good case with which to sue WFTV for damages to his reputation given the nature of the article.

Given the media apparently doesn’t even know which one Bill is, it’s pretty safe to dismiss the rest of the article as ‘histrionics’.

Then there’s all the jurors using Nazi’s as an excuse to get out of jury duty. I must admit, when faced with listening to five days of rubbish over who posted what on Facebook, I’d be running off too – not out of ‘terror’, but out of boredom.

Everyone always tries to evade jury duty because it’s lowly paid and boring. Bill said one of his jurors actually slept the whole way through the Roanoke trial and snored to boot. He wasn’t even angry about it, much less making ‘threats’ – in fact he seemed to find it funny.

Seriously I don’t know what is wrong with people – I think fear mongering by the media is why everyone seems to find Bill for scary for some reason. I met him before I read anything about him online, and quite frankly he’s nothing like what the media describes him as. (Which is why I run this site – not to promote National Socialism, but because Bill actually is persecuted by the media, and I do believe he was tortured in prison prior to 2012. I do not support National Socialism, nor any ‘Hate Groups’.)

This new fiasco with the media attempting to terrify potential jurors before they even get in the courtroom, proves my point. Bill White is actually an extremely unscary person –  I’ve never known him to get angry even once…not even when I have insulted him or provoked him. He doesn’t have any past history of violence and there has been no one incurring physical injuries in any of his cases.

If I had to describe Bill in one word ‘nerd’ would be more apt  than threatening. He’s just a literary nerd – and a vegetarian.

Poor Bill – the media has bombed people with so many lies, the jurors are running away.

The legal analyst who apparently doesn’t even know who Bill White is further  airs his lack of knowledge here when he states:

“We’ve got it all. We have overtures of terrorism. We have the race issue. We have a defendant (who is) allegedly threatening judges,” said Sheaffer.

Nope, what he has is two blog posts and three emails. Journalists will make up any old rubbish to get a story. That’s not even spam, let alone terrorism.

This is an epic fail by the media,  of massive proportions.

The other problem here is a severe loss of face for the government: The media is making them look weak. Really weak.

According to WFTV, top FBI agents and leading legal officials were successfully extorted by one email. That’s not good for Bill White, but it’s not good for the FBI either. Every criminal in the country will be sending them emails after this, since according to the logic of this case  all it takes to extort them is an email full of song lyrics.

I don’t think they really intended this to happen – but by claiming one individual initiated a ‘reign of terror’ with three emails, it makes them look as if they are scared to death of one man with internet access…not a good look for the FBI. Add to that mix this article by WFTV – it implies that everyone in America is scared to death of non-existent Nazi’s.

My guess is that the media tactic is going to backfire….now they will get real Nazi’s appearing, because the media is making them look scared. Not just scared, but literally screaming in terror over internet spam.

Please observe the media folly here and note that the man in the video is not Bill White either: http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/jury-selection-underway-alleged-hate-group-members/nhJDk/