Common Sense – Missing, Presumed Dead

I wonder just how much legal officials understand about Justice sometimes. Americans are so divorced from any form of genuine cultural impetus that I doubt the philosophical implications are even relevant. But, I digress – let’s explain the philosophical basis of Justice – almost every courtroom in America contains an image of Justice…as an ancient Roman deity.

In fact, it can even  be said  that lawyers make their oath and swear by Lady Justice (Justia) in the courtroom. You will commonly know her as a blindfolded woman with a sword, holding scales, and standing on a snake (pictured below).

Her real name is Justia, a Roman Goddess equivalent to the earlier Greek Themis (Divine Justice) and Dike (Mortal Justice). The Greeks, being more philosophical than the Romans, divided Justice into two – with Themis being the more powerful and a Titan of equal power to Zeus. Themis, the original symbol of Justice, I wager, has long since fallen out of memory to today’s lawyers.

“Themis is untranslatable. A gift of the gods and a mark of civilized existence, sometimes it means right custom, proper procedure, social order, and sometimes merely the will of the gods (as revealed by an omen, for example) with little of the idea of right.”

Now – let us ask – do the Gods have bureaucracy? Did they invent a system of rules wherein the highest power is a roll of almighty red tape and that the price of mortal justice is measured and brought in gold? I doubt it; bureaucracy is undoubtedly the devil’s tool and nowhere is it more profuse than in government departments.

So what then is the symbolism of Justia,  Goddess of Lawyers? Firstly she is blindfolded, to represent impartiality. Therefore, Justice cannot discriminate based on anything – no, not even political persuasion. Secondly those scales – contrary to what the level of current corruption in corporate America indicates – they aren’t meant to measure gold and legal bribes. One scale is to measure the heart, the other truth. This is a motif which is universal across every culture from China to Egypt – once the scale is tipped on divine Justice, it opens the gates to Hell.

Thirdly, she is stepping on a snake which represents the lower elements in humanity, the lack of ethics/morality etc. The Christian and Jewish readers pouring in to capitalise on the demise of Bill White will understand that the snake represents Satan/Shaitan,and that’s where people are headed if they don’t obey Justice with the capital ‘J’.

It can therefore be said that any individual in a courtroom (Themis, after over 2,000 years is still represented as the depiction of Justice in Western civilization) that anything unethical, bias, or corrupt present in a legal environment errodes the foundations of what Justice actually is. The charge of thwarting ‘Justice’, with the capital ‘J’ therefore becomes a matter that afflicts legal officials as well as the accused from the divine perspective, if a lack of ethics is presented.

In Bill White’s case we are presented with: 3 counts of totally stupid sounding hoax emails containing song lyrics from someone who is clearly a prankster and 2 counts of anonymous blog comments which don’t appear to relate to anything else mentioned.

That breaks down to 40 years for two blog comments and sixty years for three ridiculous emails containing song lyrics.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like an ethical or just sentence for the actual crime to me.

The sentence being sought here is insane, more insane, than the three hoax emails from ‘Mr. F’ng Manson’ himself, who ever he may be.

Now – could someone kindly direct me to the appropriate form to launch an appeal for common sense? It seems to be missing from the file on Bill White.


Bill White Trial Florida

ILLUSTRIOUS Themis, of celestial birth, Thee I invoke, young blossom of the earth; Beauteous-eyed virgin; first from thee alone, Prophetic oracles to men were known, Giv’n from the deep recesses of the fane In sacred Pytho, where renown’d you reign; From thee, Apollo’s oracles arose, And from thy pow’r his inspiration flows. Honour’d by all, of form divinely bright, Majestic virgin, wand’ring in the night: Mankind from thee first learnt initial rites, And Bacchus’ nightly choirs thy soul delights; For holy honours to disclose is thine, With all the culture of the pow’rs divine. Be present, Goddess, to my pray’r inclin’d, And bless the mystic rites with fav’ring mind.


The Florida Trial Begins 8th September

The great trial over anonymous hoax threats is set to commence tomorrow. Bill is optimistic; however he’s been optimistic about all the previous trials too and none of them were resolved in his favour. He’s been ‘incommunicado’ since the hunger strike incident for strategic reasons (i.e. surveillance at the John Polk Correctional Centre who he is attempting to sue) and now is the time we discover what this strategy is.

Here’s a low-down of what’s been going down on:

  • The US Attorney submitted a whole pile of probative evidence (which means thinly connected events which may or may not be associated or even relevant). Some of these were permitted by the Judge, and some were not.
  • Jury negotiations. It’s an anonymous jury again, because some jerk out there might post an address on the internet. This is pointless rubbish because no one has ever done this, except apparently Bill who is in prison with no internet access. Pure idiocy at it’s finest with this needless request. It’s quite obviously an excuse to fiddle with the Jurors so the US procures a favourable outcome.
  • There are a number of proposed questions for the potential jurors, most of which revolve around political bias against both parties.
  • There are 18 witnesses, most of whom are unknown. Obviously the alleged recipients of the emails will be appearing, along with an old classic.  Other than that, the  rest are a complete surprise.
  • Bill has one witness so far. My guess is that some extra ones will need to be pulled in.
  • As extra compensation for their trouble, the US government demands Bill’s MP3 player and other valueless sundries be forfeited if he is found guilty. Since these are pretty much all worthless items, the US economy must be really bad at the moment.

Wish Bill good luck, because he’s going to need it, lest he is confined to life in prison for anonymous blog posts. Let’s hope this strategy he claims to have is more effective than the last one.


Another Florida Trial Update

I decided to take a break from doing whatever it is that I do when I don’t do this to check up on how Bill’s proceedings are going by whatever means it is I deploy in order to do so.

As expected, after a long period of inactivity whilst the US struggles to actually find relevant evidence for the 40 page epic of ad hominems and other assorted irrelevancies, things are beginning to speed up a little here.

Not surprisingly, a refutation of the 40 page epic (consisting of little more than thinly veiled insults and personal slurs) has been filed by Bill’s legal representatives. To sum up what the refutation consists of, without entering into legal jargon, it translates as “you just handed me 40 pages of insults, personal attacks and events which have no connection whatsoever.” There are of course legal codes and terminologies for this, but I’m sure that everyone can grasp the basic premise here: long convoluted logical fallacies and ad hominems actually aren’t evidence. There is NO evidence of ANYTHING.

So I think we can expect events to start proceeding quickly here. The interesting thing is that apparently it took the FBI two years to investigate this, and the end result was only 40 pages of insults. Surely this could have been composed in a maximum of two months – which raises the red flag to me – why didn’t they put it forward in a more timely fashion instead of leaving it until two years later? One can only speculate. It looks like an act of sheer and piteous desperation to be honest.

The refuting argument appears quite promising though.

The Great Facebook Trial (In 40 Pages)

I  spent some time today reading through the 40 page epic on Bill’s internet use which is apparently some ‘sort of’ evidence. Good Lord, I must admit I’m a bit at a loss for words – my suspicions have all been confirmed. The US Attorney actually has composed an epic of ad hominems complete with a whole section on the ever popular Reductio ad Hitlerum. If you recall I posted that he’d do this before I actually saw the document.

And against my advice earlier, Boyd Rice has been cited as evidence of foul play also. You may remember my earlier post on Boyd Rice and his prize winning Jelly. Apparently this jelly artists music is so insidious that merely listening to Boyd Rice renders one a criminal. Obviously he doesn’t know the first thing about Boyd Rice. Or that he works with jelly.

Since I’ve already pointed out that it would be stupid for anyone to follow these three strategies, it’s heartening to know that no one listened, and that a 40 page compendium of ad hominems and the inevitable reduction to Hitler argument has been used against my advice. Or other words there doesn’t appear to be any evidence. It is however evidence that the US Attorney doesn’t pay very much attention to what is on this site.

And other than verified IPs, how does one get evidence of…internet use…in Mexico…two years ago???? My guess is that it can’t be done – hence 40 pages of internet comments, selected from a CD of about 10,000 pages on topics which bear a vague resemblance to other comments. In other words, out of those 10,000 pages only 40 even had a remote ground for comparison. That’s a pretty low ratio all things considered. Some of these comparisons are stupid too – for example the repetition of the word ‘pig’ to describe legislative officials – is common slang.

But there are a couple of other things worth pointing out. Namely the unexpected appearance of Cannibal Corpse lyrics. Now before anyone gets carried away with their lyrical content, Cannibal Corpse are actually quite main stream in metal these days – and despite their lyrics, have appeared in ‘Ace Ventura – Pet Detective‘. Yep – Jim Carrey is a Cannibal Corpse fan…that’s how serious Cannibal Corpse are. From an interview with Cannibal Corpse:

SINCE YOUR APPEARANCE IN “ACE VENTURA” WITH JIM CARREY HAS ANY OTHER MOVIE  DEALS OR ANYTHING ELSE COME FROM THAT? No, not at all. That was just a one time deal. We do still see the residuals from the movie which is good. It’s good seeing a check once in awhile. The movie did so well all over the world that we are still seeing some cash from it. So that’s cool. It was a lot of fun & great exposure. I don’t think we would ever turn down another opportunity. It was great! HOW DID YOU GET THAT PART? Actually Jim Carrey is a big Death Metal fan & particularly a fan of CANNIBAL CORPSE. So he actually requested that we were in the movie. We felt honored! We lived in Buffalo at the time & we flew down to Miami. We met the director & Jim Carrey. It was awesome & it was a lot of fun! src:

Yes, even Jim Carrey knows they aren’t serious about the lyrics.

So if both Boyd Rice and Cannibal Corpse are musicians who write ‘offensive’ stuff in jest, this throws a different interpretative slant on the material allegedly sent by Bill.  Honestly, it all looks like bad joke or a hoax gone hideously wrong. Someone probably thought it would funny to send this stuff under Bill’s name, pretend to be him, then disappeared never to heard from again once they realised it would have serious consequences.

Speaking of  bad jokes, I see the request for an anonymous jury has been made again. Someone must be worried that the jurors run the risk of being bored to death by listening to five days worth of facebook dialogue and ad hominems. Actually I feel sorry for them – imagine having to listen to five days worth of this stuff – that’s one email a day. All day. From 9-5. For five days. I hope they get well paid for jury service in America – here it is a pittance. The only thing the jury is at risk of is extreme boredom from having to listen to this stuff.