Bill White’s Guide to Informants and Informers

Unpopular Truth Calls Sebastian Ronin Informant

Bill White’s Guide to Informants and Informers

Interesting article by Bill White on informants on The Unpopular Truth:


“There was once a time when a group of people could get together, shout “informant” in unison, and slander the reputation of a political activist. With the emergence of the internet, and the easy availability of government records, it has become easy for any person to quickly determine whether someone has rendered substantial assistance to the government. Here, I will explain how federal informants work and how one can access information on them. I also urge people to stop treating this subject so lightly – rehabilitating actual dangerous informants, while using the term “informant” as a smear.”

Full article on The Unpopular Truth:

Another similar thread citing Bill on informants:

The Unpopular Truth has been covering the explosion of informers and informants in the right-wing for some time. We kicked it off with a definition of informer, and then published Bill White’s Guide to Informants and Informers, and finally asked the vital question, “Is the far right riddled with informants and informers?”


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