Bill’s Still Alive

Well after a couple of months or two of no mail, a bunch of letters from Bill finally arrived.

Here’s a small list of things for people to do; preferably sooner as opposed to later as he may be moved again.

Firstly for some reason Bill still remains optimistic about his legal situation. I, on the other hand, remain the veritable epitome of pessimism.

2) Bill is at Loretto. If you haven’t updated the address please do. If you are sending him newspapers or subscriptions, contact the publication and change the subscription address to Loretto. Bill needs the address updated for subscriptions of The Barnes Review, American Free Press, Heritage & Destiny and the Wall St. Journal. In particular, he really wants the Wall St. Journal.

Here is Bill’s address again:

To contact Bill White:

William A. White 13888-084
P.O. BOX 1000

Send items quickly please, as Bill is hoping to be sent to Chicago in March (though I have my doubts about this eventuating).

Bill is in Solitary…AGAIN

I have an update on Bill – apparently the US government wants to him go insane by providing some further unnecessary solitary confinement. Anyway he is at Loretto and is apparently alive (at least in a physical sense). He can receive incoming correspondence, but for the time being cannot reply.

This has been done apparently due to Bill being a ‘gang leader’. As to who or what he’s supposed to be leading, we can only speculate. Certainly there are no gang members (or indeed ANY MEMBERS) rushing forth to read this website.

One day the US will get its act together and realise that solitary confinement is what makes its criminals ‘unrehabitable’. The practice is banned in most other countries under international torture conventions.

It is my personal opinion that these long periods of solitary confinement were the cause of his entire ‘Mexico incident’ and that the US government itself caused any issues with his behaviour due to prolonged and extreme use of solitary confinement. In my country, he’d be able to sue them for this – successfully.

Bill is at Loretto

Okay – we still haven’t from Bill so we don’t know what happened or why no one has heard from him yet, but according to the BOP locator he is now back at Loretto. He should be here for a while so start sending mail again.

William A. White #13888-084
P.O. BOX 1000


Where is Bill White?

We don’t know. The BOP inmate locator says he is in Canaan Penitentiary – but no one has heard anything since he was sent there. It’s not like Bill to be quiet and non-communicative, so I’m beginning to suspect something may be amiss as it’s been a while since anyone had any contact with Bill.

It’s possible that he may have issues getting a pen and pencil or still be in transit somewhere….but…after this amount of time it seems unlikely. So I am now under the opinion that something bad may have occurred (or be currently occurring) at Canaan.